Commercial & Municipal Grease Trap Service

At Latour ~Wilson we understand that running a restaurant or commercial kitchen can be a busy task to manage daily , and being in a faced paced environment such as a restaurant can be difficult to stay on top of all the moving parts , most of the time your so busy that your drains and grease traps are easily forgot about.

A PM service on grease traps and drains is either overlooked and forgotten about or just downright neglected for financial reasons causing emergencies . We understand that when there’s foul odors coming from the kitchen during  your dinner rush  or a potential  grease backup during business hours  that it  can negatively impact a restaurants revenue for that day or night and also be an unpleasant  dining experience for customers.

It is also a requirement by local health departments to be compliant by enrolling in a grease management program to ensure the grease waste is hauled away and properly disposed of.

PM maintenance plan with Latour – Wilson is a key service to enroll in to ensure your operating clog  free 24/7.

To minimize emergencies and ensure this doesn’t happen often we offer monthly, and quarterly grease trap pumping and maintenance with automatic reminders when service is due for easy scheduling.

In addition to monthly or quarterly grease trap pumping we strongly encourage clients to have there drains and mains hydro jetted and inspected  at the same time to ensure your flowing free of problems during operating hours.

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