Septic Pumping & Cleaning

Latour ~ Wilson Septic has been providing clients with septic pumping services  and emergency septic service for over 30 years .

We provide service to residential, commercial and municipal clients in Belchertown and surrounding towns throughout Western Ma.

Simply put we offer clients a piece of mind when caring for a septic system by providing prompt reliable septic service at reasonable rates. We understand in todays face pace world simple things like remembering to call and book an appointment for a septic cleaning are easy to forget .

At Latour – Wilson we make remembering and scheduling your annual or biennial septic pumping and cleaning a breeze by sending reminders in advance and offering clients the convenience of online booking through email , phone, or text.

A septic system is one of the most critical and expensive utility components in your home or business and that is why it should be a top priority that it’s maintained regularly and properly to increase the longevity of the system and to ensure you don’t have any unforeseen emergencies.

A septic system should be pumped every 1-2 years  ideally  depending on the usage,  with a 3 year maximum . While there is many variables to how often it should be pumped there are key factors that play a role in determining the proper schedule such as the size of the tank and age of the system, the number of people occupying the property , the age group of people using the facilities, and other factors such as the daily water usage from laundry and dishes etc.

At Latour ~ Wilson we understand your life is busy and its easy to forget about your septic maintenance and that’s why we make maintaining your septic system a simple task to remember . It is our goal to keep your emergencies at a minimum so to do this we first  ask a series of questions on occupancy and usage , then we can come up with a proper  maintenance schedule that fits your property and families needs.

 Once a proper schedule is determined we follow up in advance with reminders  when service is approaching or due so your never behind on your preventative maintenance, you can then schedule pumping and cleaning services in a timely manner.

We encourage all clients to schedule service one month in advance before your anticipated due date and schedule services between  February and November before the ground freezes to ensure service can be provided in a timely manner.

We require all clients to dig up there access lids for pumping 1-2 days in advance before your anticipated pumping date and leave a bucket or cone over the cap to identify the location easily  and leave a garden hose out and accessible for the driver.

If you cannot locate or dig your access cap up please call us in advance to discuss options on locating , digging and installing risers for your septic tank for regular service access.

Tanks with covers deeper than 1’ will require the installation of approved access risers and lids to be installed and brought  up to code and  finish grade for easy locating and accessibility. Risers are a smarter and safer option to keep your septic maintained properly year round.

We recommend clients to put a plow stake bye your inlet cover  and center access cover before winter for easy locating in the event there’s snow on the ground and you have an emergency.

2022 Septic pumping pricing:
1000 gallon tank
1500 gallon tank
$ 430.00
Outside the service area on map
Please call for pricing

Not sure what size septic tank you have? Please give us a call to discuss.

Normal septic pumping schedule is March- December, (dependent on the frost).

 Hours between 8am-4pm with emergency service offered after hours and  in the winter months ( January- Febuary)

Additional Emergency fees that can be avoided with routine maintenance and a planned scheduled service.

Same day  Emergency service during business hours 8am-4pm when possible $250 plus normal pumping fee

Next day emergency service $150.00 plus standard pumping fee (when possible).

After hours and weekends emergency service $ 500.00 plus standard  pumping fee.

Holiday Emergency Charge $800.00 plus standard  pumping fee.

To serve you better and avoid any of the emergency charges listed above we highly recommend pumping regularly and scheduling your  pumping one month in advance at your convenience Monday-Friday , Febuary – December to ensure  quality service.

For  emergency tank locating and digging fees when applicable please call to discuss pricing and schedule service .

All Septic pumps include a half hour of pumping time, for long runs or neglected tanks  that need additional cleaning and exceed this time, a rate of $300 per hour will be charged and pro rated to 15 minute increments.